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? Hi! I'm Basak Anil, mom of one and founder of Apparent, an online platform helping you decrease your parenting stress with 5-minute audio learnings and exercises.

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"Big fan! Saturday is perfect (I actually snooze all newsletters I get till Saturday and read them at once). The size is perfect (short, with a few links to longer articles). And it strikes the perfect balance between your own unique insights and science while the actual scientific papers are even linked to. Can't recommend it enough :)"
– J. Brinkmann

"This brand new newsletter on parenting is excellent, especially for parents of smaller children."
– A. Steele

"Great parenting tip from @basakbuilds newsletter: Treat your children the way you would honestly want to be treated."
R. Sherry

"I’m grateful to have found your writing - it embodies what I aspire to be as a parent. [...] I loved your post on "Child as a Raisin" — I've been using it all week. Here’s to raising wonderful people and savouring the experience!"
– B. Barbersmith

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