? Something's cooking

? Something's cooking

I've been cooking up exciting new things at Apparent, meaning I was busy with the website the whole week.

So this week I decided to put together a "best of" issue.

Explore the best of Apparent Letter issues & articles down below!

? 30 million years: The case against sleep training, Feynman and his dad, how to praise children

?️ You have power: Gaslighting, surprising things to avoid saying to our children

☠️ Safe than sorry: The "better-safe-than-sorry" bug, react vs. pause game, self-regulation

? Shower thoughts: Sensations, where our mind is located, resilience theory

Some of my best articles to this day

I put care and effort into all of my articles but the list below is where the majority of my research hours was poured into. ? Take a look.

How to avoid turning your child into a people-pleaser

Although people-pleasers neglect their own needs, it's a strategy for being loved and accepted. Find out how to avoid turning your child into a people-pleaser.

Why you shouldn't make your kids share their belongings

Tensions created over sharing are perfect opportunities to teach our kids valuable life lessons. But forcing them is not the way to go. Here are some ways to raise good sharers.

Are you gaslighting your children?

Gaslighting is about showing a child that their own judgment can't be trusted. Are you wondering if you are unintentionally gaslighting your children? Here is all you need to know.

Why you shouldn't sleep train

Sleep training has not been designed to put your child's developmental needs first. Here's the origin of sleep training and why you should avoid it.

Resilience theory & what parents can learn from it

Resilience is a skill we all want our kids to have. Here are some insights from the resilience theory to understand what resilience is and what makes children resilient.

Do bad words we say around our children turn into memories?

Are adult words that we use around our children recorded somewhere in their memories even if they don't remember them explicitly? Let's find out.

Why do babies fight sleep and how brain knowledge helps

Brain and sleep knowledge helps you become a better parent at bedtime. Here is a guide for understanding why your baby cannot fall asleep like an adult.

Soon I'll be back with a fresh issue and exciting announcements.

Stay tuned!

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Love, Basak (founder of Apparent)