? Get it done

? Get it done

It's been 10 long weeks since the last issue. Thank you for your patience! I wasn't planning the pause to be this long but I ended up getting so much done thanks to it.

I've finally started making long and short videos, done lots of writing for my new e-books, audio and video clips, AND started welcoming paid members to the Apparent platform. Can't wait to tell you more about the new material. Stay tuned!

This week we're exploring: feeling productive as a parent

Thinking how much time I had for myself before I became a mother shocks me. Life with kids is so much different than life without them.

There're tons to get done. Tons to process in a day physically and mentally. Tons to prepare, make, give... Putting food on the table alone takes 15+ hours of our time each week.

All of these are things we do. How to balance "doing" things vs. "being" with our kids (and with ourselves)?

Can one be a mindful parent only if they are economically privileged, that is, rich? We explore the answer using a concept from mindfulness: non-striving. Read more in the article below!

I also recorded a short video giving you a tiny productivity tip. This applies to new parents particularly, but you can take the idea and apply it to your parenthood at any age. It has to do with how you divide your time.

Enjoy the new issue!

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Is mindful parenting for the rich? The answer is no. How can we "just be" when we have things to get done? Find out.

The golden rule of productivity for new & stay at home parents. Do you have kids at home AND need to feel productive without sacrificing your time with them? Try out the tip in this article. (Or watch the video down below.)

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Be easy on yourself: If you live your day with (especially young) kids, a single to-do a day is more than enough!

Video, "Golden rule of PRODUCTIVITY for (new) parents" by Basak, founder of Apparent

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"You are enough" @__apparent

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I believe good parenting is learned. But. We. Just. Don't. Have. The. Time.

I'm envisioning an effortless learning experience for our parenting goals. We create short audio clips you can play in the background while doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or finishing a small task.

My parenting goals:

  • Learn emotional coaching (for myself and my kid)
  • Become calmer and more tolerant (for myself and my kid)
  • Lead my kid's brain and emotional development to its full potential

To help you do the same, I prepared this little intention-setting exercise for you. This one is for paid members only. You can upgrade here. :)

In this episode, you'll set a parenting intention for yourself.

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That's it for today! ❤️

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See you next week!

Love, Basak.