[Ebook] Attachment for Parents: The Science of Human Connection

[Ebook] Attachment for Parents: The Science of Human Connection

Everything you need to know about attachment in a short, easy-to-read ebook!

Attachment is not a parenting buzz word. Neither is it a parenting philosophy. It’s how we bond with our caregivers, make sense of the world, and build relationships. Parenting philosophies may come and go. Attachment is here to stay.

In this ebook, we explore one of the most groundbreaking psychological theories that has ever existed — attachment theory — and discuss how we can use decades of scientific knowledge in our favor.

This book does not use complicated language. It's been written to be easily consumed by all parents.

Reader review

"This is a valuable handbook for parents, parent-to-be’s, and adults who want to take a closer look at their own childhood experiences. It contains all the basic information about the fundamental topic of the parent child relationship: attachment. It’s easy to read and it doesn’t overwhelm you with technical terms and bulky informations. If you want to get familiar with the concept of better parenting (both for your child and for yourself) I suggest to give this book a try."
— F. Demirci, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Resident

What's inside?

  1. Why attachment matters
  2. Attachment theory explained
  3. The 4 attachment styles
  4. How to form a secure attachment 13
  5. Rupture and repair is a part of secure attachment 15
  6. How to repair after a rupture? 18
  7. Insecure attachment explained 20
  8. How does the parent's attachment style influence the kid's?
  9. Can attachment styles change?

Page count

31 (pdf version), 28 (epub version)

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