Become a better parent with 5-minute daily listenings.

Train your mind to raise confident and happy children.


Learn by listening to short clips
throughout your busy day.

Bite-sized learning, guided exercises, delivered daily.

Regulate your emotions in stressful moments

Escape auto-pilot parenting through self-regulation.

Practice being inside your child's brain

Exercise seeing things from your child's point of view.

Establish positive boundaries

Give your child a safe space to thrive in life.

Learn to stay in the moment even in difficult situations

Prioritize your relationship with your child over everything else.

"I've been reading for my son for years, and also asking others for advice but no one has ever been able to summarize my situation as well as the 2 sentences I listened to in Apparent."

U. Tebar

"A way to learn the parenting skills we all know we need without having to change the way we consume media."


If you are attracted by parenting philosophies such as Attachment Parenting and Mindful Parenting but don't know how to practically deal with everyday tensions, Apparent is the right place for you.